Cured case of Pyoderma gangrenosum with the Homeopathic remedies

Cured case of Pyoderma gangrenosum with the Homeopathic remedies

A condition that causes tissue to become necrotic leading to ulcers and chronic wounds, commonly on the leg.

Pyoderma gangrenosum presents as a rapidly enlarging, very painful ulcer. It is one of a group of auto inflammatory disorders known as neutrophilic dermatoses.

It is characterised by a full-thickness ulcer with blue undermined borders and by Pathergy, the appearance of new lesions after local trauma.

Homeopathic approach:

After taking the case carefully and understanding the disease process in the body, I came to the conclusion that the circulatory system of the body is quite weak so that it is not able to supply the blood to the lower leg thus resulting in the formation of gangrene. So the ideal treatment should be able to bring the overall health improvement otherwise there is no such definite treatment in the traditional medicine despite the option of surgically removing the dead tissues to keep the blood flow going in the body parts.

This is an indication of the destructive processes of the organism also called syphilitic miasm.


The case is 68 years old lady, diabetic with one leg amputated. She presented with severe pain in the lower leg with gangrene formation. She was mentally alert with good energy level but recently due to severe pain and the ulcer formation she was not able to relax and sleep well.

The skin at the left lower leg had extensive bluish discoloration with severe ulcer formation on the shin bone.

15 days after taking the homeopathic remedy, the pain reduced to 50% and she was able to exercise and sleep well.

One month after taking the remedy; the pain reduced to 70% and the ulcer started to show the increase in the blood supply to the area. The skin looked less bluish than before.

Two months after taking the remedy; the ulcer showed signs of inflammatory process which indicated increased blood supply to the area.

Three months after; the recovery process was ongoing with the overall general improvement. The sugar levels were also stable.

Five months after taking the remedy; no pains and the ulcer healed completely with disappearance of the signs of necrosis.

Conclusion: The homeopathic remedies have the ability to heal and to regenerate the dead tissues.


After 1 month

After 2 months

After 3 months

After 5 months

After 6 months


The cases presented here are only for the general awareness and for educational purposes. We do not have any intention to claim anything or to defame any medical treatment including allopathic mode of treatment. This is solely a representation of the clinical experience when treating according to the principles of the Homeopathy.

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